We are very excited to not only launch our new website, but also to introduce ourselves!

Stacked Group Inc. may be a new company, but we aren’t new to the game. We’re a team of experience professionals who know what it takes to make your mining and construction projects a success. We offer contract mining and construction services, logistics and equipment parts.

Stacked Group Inc. was founded by Aaron Lambert and Steve Doucette who have noticed a lack in direct relationships between service provider senior management and customers, specifically at the project level. As Aaron Lambert, Partner & Managing Director, explained, “We know that continuous engagement with the project team is vital to a project’s success. We want to be involved and understand exactly how we can create value for our clients. Our focus is to be on the work sites and develop those partnerships that will lead to success for our company and our clients.”

Based in Sudbury, Ontario, mining is who we are and what we know. Sudbury is one of the richest mining districts in North America, with more than a century and multiple generations of miners working in this hard rock community. By building specialized teams in the area and collaborating with our industry partners, we have the in-house expertise and connections to effectively help our industry thrive.

When asked about what sets Stacked Group apart from the rest, Lambert explained, “We are client focused with hands-on support for our customers. There are always new ideas and innovation in the mining industry and we’re committed to remaining ahead of the game, ready to adapt to changes and adopt new methods and technology. Our customer service is a great way for us to build loyalty among our customers and differentiate ourselves from the competition.”

Visit www.stackedgroup.com to learn more about us and what we do or email info@stackedgroup.com and let us know how we can help you.